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We love our work, complex as it may be. We love our clients, diverse and precise as they are. We love the industry, as dynamic as it will always be.
  We located our corporate offices in beautiful Northwest Montana, enabling      us a cost effective location, with readily available, reliable, experienced staff.
KaiEllen Bucher
VP Operations
Dory Hicks
VP Client Services

KaiEllen Bucher has cultivated a talent for Health Plan operations and strategic planning and leads our BPO operations.  She has more than 28 years of experience in health plan operations, leading operational optimization and compliance focused teams to success across all line of business.  She has a gift for benefit design and implementation, honing the process through years of experience with disease specific programs, government programs and community based program development. 

Dory Hicks has been with health care since the inception of HMO's in the 1980's.  She has held Director and C-Suite positions (CIO and VP Operations) in some of the largest payer and public Medicaid plans nationally.  She continues to be driven to offer the best operational and technical solutions to health plans, always with an eye to the member's health management outcomes.

Anne Petrie
Compliance Officer

Anne is a senior executive with extensive healthcare experience which includes Medicare Advantage product management, provider contracting/engagement, regulatory compliance, and Medicare STARs performance management. Her career demonstrates significant contribution to growth, margin, and performance through cultivation of strong relationships with clients and stakeholders. She’s an authentic leader known for strong execution of strategy and delivering results.

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